Production Dramaturgy

Here’s a selection of photos and other materials from plays I’ve dramaturged.

The Earth Shakes
By Samantha Cooper
Director: Linnea Ingalls
At Heron Ensemble, Sep. 2018
With Lacy Katherine Campbell

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The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge
By Mark Brown
Director: Scott Nolte
At Taproot Theatre Company, Nov.-Dec. 2016

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Little Bee
By Chris Cleave, adapted by Myra Platt
Director: Myra Platt
At Book-It Repertory Theatre, Apr.-May 2015

Production stills
“Writing What You Don’t Know”

Program notes

The Dog of the South
By Charles Portis, adapted by Judd Parkin
Director: Jane Jones
At Book-It Repertory Theatre, Feb.-Mar. 2015

Production still
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Pride and Prejudice
By Jane Austen, adapted by Marcus Goodwin
Director: Marcus Goodwin
At Book-It Repertory Theatre, Nov.-Dec. 2014

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Production still 2
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By William Shakespeare
Director: Don Wadsworth
At Carnegie Mellon University, Dec. 2010.

Production still 1
Production still 2
Production still 3
High school talkback
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Three Days of Rain
By Richard Greenberg
Director: Marya Spring Cordes
At Carnegie Mellon University, Oct. 2009.

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Odin’s Horse
By Robert Koon
Director: Lisa Ann Goldsmith
Stage Reading, part of the Pittsburgh Eco-Drama Festival, Oct. 2009.

Program note

One Flea Spare
By Naomi Wallace
Director: Amy Claussen
At Carnegie Mellon University, March 2009

Production still 1
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